Teflon Hoses — flexible hoses with inner PTFE tube and metal braid.

Design feature of PTFE hoses is a flexible inner PTFE tube covered with a stainless steel wire braid.

PTFE hoses have low hydraulic resistance in comparison with metal hoses, high frequency of operating surface, hoses are protected from electrostatic charges, insensitive to any working fluids and gases including highly aggressive.

Rubber-Metal Hoses — flexible hoses with rubber substrate and metal braid.

Rubber-Cotton Hoses — flexible hoses with rubber substrate and cotton braid.

Distinguishing Features:

  • No similar products on Russian market;
  • Products meet Russian and international standards;
  • Up to 50% lighter in weight;
  • Considerably smaller envelope size;
  • 50% tighter bend radius;
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +200°C;
  • Tight braiding with less metal that enables to evenly distribute the load;
  • Improved flexing characteristics;
  • High resistance to almost all working fluids and gases (including highly aggressive acids, alkalies, solvents, oils, etc.);
  • Wide range of thermal stability (products do not lose their performance characteristics in the wide temperature range);
  • Rust prevention;