AO TECHNOCOM AVIA proposes ready-to-operate technological solutions in order to provide the all-inclusive knowledge-intensive programs within the cooperation with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Reduction of costs for development and serial production of aircrafts by reduction of costs for the end products.

Innovative technologies used in development:

  • Assurance of technological advance in comparison to international and Russian similar products;
  • Assurance of competitive price in comparison to international and Russian similar products.

Upgrading of Current Solutions:

  • Reduction of production costs by introduction of new technologies;
  • Reduction of labor intensity in serial production.

The products are manufactured in accordance with technical requirements under OST 1 00888-87, industrial standard applicable to aviation equipment 212ATU and AN-2050, and Russian and international standards ISO 9001:2008, AS/EN 9100, GOST RV 15.002-2003, and in accordance with drawing documentation of developers.

The products can be used in all systems of civil and military aircrafts.