Test equipment enables to run cycle testing, periodic testing, standard testing, operational life testing under customers’ requirements, and in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international standards:

  • Hydraulic testing 0 to 2,000 kgs/sm2;
  • Pneumatic testing 0 to 150 kgs/sm2;
  • Working fluids: AMG-10, IMP-10, B-3V, 7-50c-3, FH-51, TS-1, etc.;
  • Environmental failure testing: temperature (-70°C to +350°C), humidity (up to 100%), vibration (5hz to 5,000hz), impact loads (up to 15kg).
  • Vibratory loads (with frequency 5hz to 5,000hz);
  • Impact loads (overload up to 15kg);
  • Tensile-and-compression testing — cyclic up to 5tn.