We use CNC turning machines to manufacture fittings.

Manufacturing of the following types of fittings:

  • Flanged Joint;
  • Welded Joint;
  • Radial Joint;
  • Axial Joint;
  • Semi-Movable Joint — OST 1 02719-91;
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings — joint members applicable to sleeves, hoses, different parts of manufacturing equipment, used for quick connection:
    • Nonvalved Quick Disconnect Couplings;
    • Quick Disconnect Couplings with one non-return valve;
    • Quick Disconnect Couplings with two-way valves. GOST 633-80.
  • Flange Couplings — couplings applicable to join pipeline sections by using flat rings with evenly made holes for attachment elements; used for strength and pressure-tight joint of tubes with attachment fittings. GOST 12815-80;
  • Swivel Nut Couplings; GOST 22525-77;
  • Welded Fittings